Planeta Virtual
If that’s going to make a difference you should have done it already.
Planeta Virtual is a software development company focused on web development, systems integration and workflow solutions. We provide development teams focused on delivering fast and reliable results to companies in Europe and worldwide. We can have a team ready for you in days and have it running for one month or one year. We can build a system in weeks and put it supporting your business. At an unbeatable cost. It's outsourcing without losing the business perspective. It's speed and flexibility without having the overhead. It's even better than that, but we guess you know it already.

There's one reason why you never heard of us. That's because we've been doing our homework. And now we're ready to take the final exam.
We provide fulltime dedicated development teams focused on delivering results. Development teams are based in Portugal, Western Europe (GMT), with full time Internet connection and one goal in mind: your goal. Get the Contract Development brochure now.
Either you need to put a simple customer management solution running in one week, or you need a dedicated back office application for a non-critical process or even an integrated, cross-system dashboard to highlight your priorities, we can make it happen. Get the Management Applications brochure to know more.
Sometimes things get complicated. No need for that. We provide solutions that integrate different layers and flavors of technology. Starting at the datacenter level supporting the infrastructure, going to the development team fulfilling the technology gaps and to the operations following through business processes. And not forgetting design, finance, marketing, multimedia and content production. Everything tightly integrated with your organization, leveraging the Internet, making it happen as you had another floor below your office. Get the Integrated Projects brochure and explore the possibilities.
We're based in Porto, Portugal's second large city, right in the city financial center.
Rua de Júlio Dinis, 764 - 7º Esq.
4050-012 Porto
Telefone (+351) 22 030 4000
United Kingdom
We've an operational base in London, United Kingdom, right in the City.
88 Wood Street, 10th floor
London EC2V 7RS
United Kingdom
Phone (+44) 208 528 1107
The World
We're ready to setup working locations in most countries for local project support teams.
Planeta Virtual
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